Technics Auto Centre Newsletter

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  • The Full of Innovation Technics Website
  • Parts Store
  • My Garage

The Full of Innovation Technics Website.
One Car Per Household, and this means your car is
an absolute necessity: For work, go to your place
of worship, children’s school, supermarket,
laundry, recreation, and much more. Unable to
source spare parts locally or special order spare
parts at a special price and wait months is a severe
problem. Technics have taken the bold step to
revolutionize the spare part system for vehicles
and motorcycles in Bermuda.

Parts Store Will Provide Shoppers With A Great User Experience.
The website has two sections on the home page that immediately catch the users’ eyes:

  1. A wide products search box
  2. An add “My Vehicle” button. This excellent feature allows customers to add their vehicle/motorcycle for current and future search and narrow the product list to the specific vehicle/motorcycle
  3. An advanced search on the Parts Store page by Year/Make/Model
  4. A search by Categories feature
  5. In-stock/out of the stock feature
  6. My Cart, Popular Products, Featured Products, New Arrivals feature

My Garage
Book repair appointment & Select Service’s
Select Specific Technician & Available Time